Marketplace Banking in the Cloud.

Powering a new world of cloud-based financial institutions.

A multi-tiered banking solution

Clearmatch is a world-class loan and lease origination, credit assessment and portfolio management system.
It's the financial technology platform of tomorrow, today.

Features that make all the difference

100% Secure

Designed to meet defence-grade security standards, a service-orientated architecture manages secure access to data and business information.

Cloud Based

A robust, cloud-based banking platform, Clearmatch is ready-made to give modern consumer and commercial finance companies the edge they need to succeed.

Customised for you

Smart, scalable and function-rich, Clearmatch's advanced built-in logic has the power and versatility to support a range of finance industry partners.

"Good software should make the complex deceptively simple. Great technology is invisible technology."
Greg Symons, Founder

Intuitive + Flexible

With a comprehensive tool set for managing receivables and investments, Clearmatch can deploy new asset classes to market quickly and easily. And it's flexible enough to interface with legacy and other systems through advanced APIs.

A Unified View

A modular architecture allows disparate asset classes to operate within the same environment and delivers a single view of the customer across all your financial products.


Scalable from small operations and medium sized businesses to large multinational corporations, Clearmatch is a SaaS based, parameter-driven system requiring minimal IT development to meet business needs.


Peer to Peer Lending Features

ClearMatch™ currently operates as a full end-to-end Peer-to-Peer lending system for SocietyOne. Through its service layer technology, the platform integrates seamlessly with SocietyOne’s chosen external data providers to deliver automated loan auctioning through to debt collection management on a single unified platform.

As a subscribed user of ClearMatch within the Australasia region, users are also given the chance to participate within an established peer-to-peer marketplace* for additional funding.

* subject to agreement of terms with SocietyOne - What is peer-to-peer

Complete, fully configurable, feature rich traditional lending platform in the cloud and access to an established Australian based peer-to-peer marketplace for additional funding needs.

  • Online Registration Portals
  • Loan Listing Management
  • Centralised Communications Hub
  • Investor Management
  • Access to P2P Marketplace
  • Collections Management
  • Underwriting & Risk
  • Receivables Management
  • Portfolio Reporting